Are you looking for a job in the UK with visa sponsorship? Discover the best UK visa jobs available for foreigners, including part-time, full-time and contract roles. Updated listings of companies offering visa sponsorship for eligible candidates in the United Kingdom.

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Zimbabweans, whether Nurse Aides, or Registered Nurses, or Doctors, or IT Professionals, or Graphic Designers, or Teachers, or Engineers, or Scientists, eager to work in the UK are encouraged to apply for jobs in the UK with Visa Sponsorship. This has been made possible by the UK Skilled Workers Visa Program.

What is the UK Skilled Workers Visa Program?

The UK Skilled Workers Visa Program is a program designed to attract and retain highly skilled workers from outside the European Union. It gives highly skilled Zimbabweans an opportunity to work in the UK and gain permanent residence too. The program is part of the UK’s strategy to ensure that the UK has access to the widest range of skills, to meet the needs of the UK economy. The program requires that the applicant has an offer of employment from an employer or sponsor in the UK, and has the relevant qualifications, experience, and skills required to fill the job role. The program also requires that the applicant is able to communicate in English and has the necessary qualifications and experience to fill the job role. This program is designed to ensure that the UK has access to the right skills, to drive its economy and keep it competitive on the global stage.

The UK Government has put in place measures to allow employers to source key skills from wherever they may be needed.

Zimbabweans will need to present evidence of employment in the UK, before applying for a work visa.

Main Benefit of the UK Skilled Workers Visa Program?

The UK Skilled Workers Visa Program is a pathway to permanent residence in the United Kingdom that is open to Zimbabweans. The program is based on a points-based system that is designed to recognise the qualifications, skills, and work experience of applicants. To be eligible, Zimbabweans must demonstrate that they meet the required standards for English language proficiency (By having an IELTS Band score of 5+ or higher (for certain roles) and have a job offer from a UK-based employer. Additionally, applicants must earn a minimum salary of £20,800 to support themselves and any dependents for the first five years in the United Kingdom. The UK Skilled Workers Visa Program offers a path to permanent residence for those who have the qualifications, skills, and financial means to contribute to the UK economy.

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List of UK Visa Jobs Available (9 January 2023)

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